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We work with Real Estate Professionals

for a seamless property inspection experience contact CPS

Los Angeles Home Inspections before property sale

This section of our web site is intended for Real Estate agents and professionals. CPS works very closely with real estate professionals to make the property inspection process easy and efficient.

Through many years of experience by inspecting commercial and residential properties we have learned to satisfy clients’ needs/curiosities by stating the facts, yet without creating an alarm and damaging a Real Estate transaction.

Please refer to SAMPLE INSPECTION REPORTS under SERVICES in this website to grasp the kind of benefits you and your clients can gain by skilled and caring inspectors.

We can provide pricing for repairable/replaceable items so that as a quick reference, you and your clients can deduce the negotiation point without calling different sources.

Currently a majority of our business comes through referrals and repeat clients. We work with Real Estate professionals to provide services that are carefully thought out to produce results and take the hassle out of the inspection process for the property buyer, seller and agent.


You can count on us as professionals to get the job done right!


After confirmation of appointment, please text message or e-mail us the following information so we can prepare an inspection agreement and browse the
property to get you a quote:


  • Full name of client (as well as a little about them and their concerns)

  • Property address, year built, utilities on or off, vacant or occupied

  • Remind your clients to bring their check book :-)

Real Estate agent walk through


  • We provide an unbiased, professional report based on visual and accessible findings.

  • We point out areas where attention are needed without alarming the customer.

  • We streamline the home inspection process for a smooth, seamless transaction to benefit all parties involved.

  • 95% of our business comes from repeat customers and new referrals.

  • We have been successful working with Real Estate professionals for several years and have built up some genuine relationships.

  • We genuinely care to make every inspection a great experience for our customers, because we understand that buying a home can be an overwhelming task.

  • Our reports are easy to understand while providing valuable information.

  • We are family owned and operated with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

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We have built genuine relationships with many real estate industry professionals in the Los Angeles area over the years.  You may have heard about us through your referral network channels.  If we haven't had the opportunity to service your property inspection needs yet, we would be honored to hear from you.  Let us see how we can work together to offer your buyers a better property inspection experience.

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