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We respect your privacy

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We value your privacy!

City Property Services (CPS, CPS Inspections, CPS Property Inspections) respects your privacy regarding information that we may collect about you through our website or any of our forwarding domain names eg.,, or

The information we obtain from you are used strictly to be able to deliver our services to you efficiently and effectively.  We collect this information ethically, fairly and lawfully within the allowance and standards of and local regulations for use of the world wide web.  We make use of web site performance and metric tools, email marketing tools and third party social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Yelp. The use of these tools and third-party platforms are common in today's modern marketing standards and we have provided business profiles on these platforms as a community for better, simple and convenient communication and interaction with our customers.

We retain this information only for as long as necessary in order to provide you with our services and the data we collect will only be stored within industry standard, commercially acceptable means to prevent loss and theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.  We DO NOT share any of your personal information publically or with third parties, except when required law.

Our website does link to external sites which are not operated by CPS and due to our full user transparency policy regarding privacy, we are disclosing that we do not have any control over the content and practices of these external sites.  We therefore cannot accept responsibility or liability for their respective privacy practices.

Most of the information that we collect from you are with your concept and full transparency disclosure, and you are free to refuse our request for this personal information by leaving our website and refraining from using it any further.  We can always be contacted via telephone by dialing 818-687-8686 to speak to us directly and bypass the use of this web site or contact form / inspection request form.  The use of this technology has been made available to you as a convenience and to help use more effectively be able to serve our customers.

If you choose to continue using this web site, you agree to accept our privacy practices.

For third party and external linked web sites please refer directly to the policies of Google, YouTube, Facebook, Linked-In and Yelp or any other external web sites linked to our site.

This privacy policy is in it's entirety effective as of September 01, 2022 and may be changed without prior notice at any time.  If you have any concerns over privacy, please email us at or call 818-687-8686 to address your concerns.

We appreciate the opportunity to be able to serve you.

Information Privacy and Security

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We have a strict, full transparency disclosure at CPS.  We will never sell or share any of your personal or contact information, including email addresses to any third party. All collected information will be used lawfully and ethically in order to be able to provide you with better service and target relevant information based on obtained metrics and analytics.  For more details about how we handle your information and the details of our privacy policy, please click to scroll up to the top of this page.

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